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The Lyrical Wars Story

Lyrical Wars was designed to be an open arena for Ghana’s talents to display their rap skills on a high level.

Founded in 2014 by GRP Feats, Lyrical Wars is a household battle rap league that has showcased the most exciting battles ever in Africa!

Promoting renewed interest in hip-hop and hip-life by creating a platform for young vocal artists to hone their skills

On behalf of the culture

Africa’s biggest battle rap league.

Professional-quality bouts that combine the thrill of sport with the spectacle of theatre.

Hosting and sponsoring Hip Hop events all round Africa.

The Battle Rappers Journey

A battle rapper represents the culture of a community.

An embodiment of the struggle and triumph that people of a certain area have gone through.

A one-man army, a battle rapper is a lyrical soldier whose ammunition is his rap dexterity and showmanship

The Crowd Reactions

The crowd is the fuel that sustains the passion for supremacy. The ultimate judge of a battle rapper’s success – You!


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The Main Event

This event is the biggest annual celebration of Hip Hop on the African Continent.

Body Bag Auction

Stakes are high, money is on the line, you either leave with your dignity or your life! You decide!

Lethal Dialogue

Blood, sweat and tears. The night of grudge matches and the rights to brag.

Wildcard Event

Random battles at any time of the year. These are battles the fans didn’t know they needed.

Watch live battles in the comfort of your home

Hip Hop from Africa at your doorstep. Watch on demand as these battlers battle it out for supremacy. The best rappers in the world reside here at Lyrical Wars.

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