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Lyrical Wars is Africa’s premier battle league and has been among the forefront of competitive Rap and the Hip Hop Culture as a movement.

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Newly Released Battles

A-Clipse vs Dabu The Gemini
We might never settle the jollof debates but when Ghana’s favorite battle rapper and Nigeria’s heavyweight clash, all scores shall be settled.
Most Popular
KiddBerch vs Kojo Trip
The saga continues. Will it be a tale of redemption or the resurgence of the villain? The stakes are high and emotions run deep.This rematch is charged with tension— you can’t miss this!
J-Nol vs Queen Moda
It’s the BIG CRIP versus the Queen of African Battle Rap. They say all’s fair in love and war. This is Lyrical Wars! Watch this historical showdown live on lyrical Wars TV
Most Popular
iKid vs Smxf
iKid is battling in the motherland after years of killing it in the UK and Smxf is steadily ready.

Lyrical Wars Events

The Main Event

The Main Event

This event is the biggest annual celebration of Hip Hop on the African Continent.
Body Bag Auction

Body Bag Auction

Stakes are high, money is on the line, you either leave with your dignity or your life! You decide!
Lethal Dialogue

Lethal Dialogue

Blood, sweat and tears. The night of grudge matches and the rights to brag.
Wild Card

Wildcard Event

Random battles at any time of the year. These are battles the fans didn’t know they needed.

Home of the best cyphers.

Lyrical abilities are tested with your name on the line. Competition is at the heart of Hip Hop. It’s never just rap

Watch battles everywhere, anytime.

Hip Hop from Africa at your doorstep. Watch on demand as these battlers battle it out for supremacy. The best rappers in the world reside here at Lyrical Wars.


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Please read the FAQ before making any purchases.

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